What is Tasso?

 A clean and casual lunch spot serving high quality, innovative lunch options for those who want something special. 

A style of ham from the southern united states--a place that inspires us--where countless world influences have shaped the culture and food.

We make lunch that incorporates local and global flavors in our soups, salads, snacks, and sandwiches. We use only high quality fresh ingredients. We craft all the meats and interesting stuff in-house; anything else, we source the best we can possibly find.  All to bring you a delicious value.


We Are:

A Chef Owned Eatery


Our Atmosphere Is:

really cool


fall/winter hours:

daily 11-4

Find Us At:

401 s 8th st, boise, idaho, 83702


There’s More Where That Came From:

catering is encouraged! day ahead notice required. contact us to meet your hungry needs. []